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Nicholas’ Spectacularly Awesome Road Warrior

Hello all PGK team;)

I wanted to say that I was very satisfied with the kit that I bought you, it sounds crazy, mega rock guitar! grin emoticon

I exploded view to realize the black over goldtop heavy relic, everyone finds beautiful and it sounds great!

So I think that soon I will come to you to buy a sg jr and a flying V!

You address some pictures of my work hoping you like it! grin emoticon



This Name is ” T.T.Special ” ..Tracker Trip Special wink emoticon

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Yann Part Deux

Just occurred to me I never sent you pics of the build.

Guitar turned out great sounds great , feels great. Went with the tru oil finish. The truss rod cover was a custom job done by a guy in Alberta . wood and MOP

the tone pot also acts like a kill switch when pushed down, spring actuated.

really happy with the quality of the fret work , well done.

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Dad Makes Kid Guitar and Kid Makes the Show…

Now this is so very cool. Bryan built one of our kits for his 9 year old. Check the kid out on stage…




“About 18 months ago I purchased one of your LP Jr. double cut/double rout kits and went through my first build and finish job on a guitar.  It turned out much better than I expected from the work I did but, as you say, the bones lay the foundation for a good guitar and you guys did 90% of the hard work for me!

The guitar is my son’s as I’m not the musician but enjoy the heck out of the process.  He goes to the “School of Rock” here in Minnesota.  Twice a year they hold a fundraiser concert to raise scholarship money for students (kids) who want to rock but can’t afford the tuition to attend.  At these fundraisers they hold an auction or a raffle for items of interest to the parents/students.  I’ve joined forces with a father who acquires lower end guitars, strips them down, and hands off the body to an artist or an auto body shop to get a cool paint job.”

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Chris’ Insanely Cool and Beautiful Double Cut

Here’s the start, when he received the kit:

“All I can say is ‘FN A’!!! It’s awesome—I picked it up today, and just put the neck up to the body… Wow! Well done, and thanks!

The body is even tuned—it rings like a damn xylophone, tuned to C! No shit – I can get C, G, E and C octaves out of it, just by doing the tap test! Unbelievable! Are the Tele kits tuned to G, for Keef Richards fans? Hahaha!

This is gonna be a seriously good guitar when I’ve finished it—it already is good, and that’s before I’ve even started. I’m not gonna stop singing its praises, and that retail thing I was telling you about—he’s eager to see how it turns out…

Believe me when I say that it’s not gonna be long before I order the Tele and 59 Customised kits from you as well!”

Then when he finished it:

“WHAT A SOUND! Cranking it through the ‘clean’ channel of a Fender Supersonic 60w on it’s 59 Bassman setting is absolutely unbelievable. Tonally, it’s probably about the sweetest-sounding guitar I have, which is quite possibly down to the woods that you use as well as the size of the neck. It might be big, but it’s not in the least bit uncomfortable!

I’m looking forward to getting many years of service out of this one, believe me!
(Feel free to print whatever you want from the above on the website, if you want to—and include the photos as well, if you want too. In fact, I’d feel privileged to have them up there for all to see!)

In the meantime, the guys in the shop absolutely loved it, and I’ve been busy singing Precision’s praises to all that I can, with every opportunity I get, so fingers crossed it produces a few results for you!

Many thanks, and I’m looking forward to ordering more from you shortly!

All the very best!  Chris”

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Dave’s Beautiful Double Cut

“Hi Phil, at long last the kit is finished and I thought you might like to see the pictures. Although delivered last November, time was not on my side and we finally finished her about four weeks ago.

I was helped by a friendly local luthier ( Richard Meyrick ) with the neck fit—about 25 mm removed to bring it to equivalent of a 60’s Gibson slimline neck—à la 335 , LP etc. Richard did the paintwork—I was looking for an authentic 58 Jnr finish—which I hope you agree looks the part. Richard made the scratch plate and control cavity plate.

I bagged myself a genuine P90 from an old Gibson 330 on eBay and the hardware all came from Julian at Fake 58.

Now that she is up and running, she sounds fantastic—I am keeping her for slide work almost exclusively and she doffs her hat to Doyle Bramall 11 ‘s 58 Jnr. The truss rod cover says “’58 Jnr” and my initials in chrome.

Thanks again for a great piece of work—the quality and neck fit were superb.”


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Black Limba Double Cut Finished with Tru-Oil

So this guitar came off the shop floor and Markus took one look at it and had to have it. He is a meticulous builder with a wealth of guitar lore and knowledge, always an interesting guy to talk with.

So here is what he has done, Tru-Oil on the black limba. It really brings out the wood’s highlights, just beautiful… In person it is even more dramatic and the feel of a Tru-Oil neck in your hands is really, really fantastic. It has the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickup in it and the Gotoh Wraparound Bridge. It is waiting for the Bake-lite pickguard.

He also just happened to have a bumblebee cap, from a LP 58, just sitting around waiting for a home and here it is.

I will get some video and sound clips from him in the next couple of weeks.


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Jono from South Africa…Double Cut/ Double Rout

Jono has taken an old school approach to this guitar.

This is his words:

The idea is for this to be the live gig workhorse – something serious with good  components and a great sound (you cant beat P 90’s for that live tone!) but withoutthe silly price tag.

I put in a shot of the neck being set – because the angle is built into the neck (perfectly) we could actually set it in a stand! with no issues!

For the finish I put on a couple of coats of “indoor polywax sealer” with a cloth and I think it looks understated and quite pretty, the strangest thing is that I’ve had the guitar for a while now and I still cant tell what colour it is! The combination of the sealer and the wood makes it look different under different lighting conditions.

I swear its the same finish in all the photos (there might be one of the raw wood in there?), it looks like a different guitar in each shot! I’ve seen this sealer on other guitars never with this effect, I love that mine came out mysteriously special… Thanks for using rich beautiful wood!