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Eddie’s LP Standard

This is our LP kit, with a simple beautiful finish. The  plain maple cap wood grain shows up so nicely on this.  Here is what Eddie as said about our kits.

“Thanks for a awsome kit. it plays better than my $%$#@ guitar.

Great fret work. waiting for a prs style kit now. I used trans tint amber and cherry and mixed them till i got what i wanted it went on darker than i wanted so i took clean wet towels and rubbed it down till i got the color i was looking for.i kept the neck and back natural and the maple on the side is like binding like on a prs.

Thanks again


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1 thought on “Eddie’s LP Standard

  1. You’ve built a very cool guitar! I’ve ordered a LP kit and now I’m waiting for it. I’m going to make similar simple beautiful finish. Could you please answer some questions:
    1) What glue did you use to join neck and the body?
    2) What lacquer did you use for finishing the back and the maple top of the guitar?
    3) What was the first, gluing the neck or finishing the guitar?

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