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Hampton Guitars—Killer Lookin’ Black Limba


Check this baby out!!!

“This guitar has a beautifully figured black limba solid body and neck cut for me by Precision Guitar Kits, both stained amber. They do beautiful work, and their necks are just super! The neck has a rosewood fretboard, and features the distinctive Hampton headstock. A Graph Tech Resomax Wrap bridge with string saver saddles and a Graph Tech Black Tusq nut give great sustain and tone. Tuners are Grover Super Rotomatics, with the art deco buttons that seem to be made for this guitar.

Pickups are GFS Dream90s—fat, hot, single coils. These are significantly hotter than a standard P90, and have a little more balance in the tonal range, but still have that trademark P90 high-mid bite. The neck pickup is big and bluesy, and the bridge pickup is sharp, sweet, and full of nice overtones when no treble is cut, but the treble bleed can be rolled up to get a Fender-type sound. They are mounted with black metal mounting rings…they have a much better look than the plastic ones that come with pickups.

The volume control also has a push-pull switch that, when pulled up, runs the two pickups in series like a big humbucker. I also use a blend control instead of a pickup selector switch to give access to the full range of tones that can be found ‘in between’ those three positions. Bourns pots, Vishay-Sprague orange drop cap for the treble bleed, Switchcraft output jack, unique hand-crafted pickguard, and black metal knurled knobs on the controls complete the complement of electronics and hardware used on this latest Hampton Bel-Air Custom solid-body electric guitar.”

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