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J-M Tremblay’s Special SG Jr.


“I just finished my build today. It is awesome! It’s made out of very good quality tonewood and as your name suggests, the kit is made with precision. When I received the kit, I didn’t really know what pickup/control configuration I wanted. I decided to go with two classic PAF humbuckers, three-way switch, and single volume and tone … simple, but I have everything I need! I did the finish with oil. It keeps the texture of the wood, which I particularly like—mahogany. The pickguard is my own design. It is a mix of the classic “full-face” SG standard, “half-face” of the 61′ SG, and the pickguard of the 1998 SG deluxe. I love the look and the tone of bigsby vibratos. And this one makes no exception! This guitar looks great, plays great AND sounds amazing!

Here are some pictures of it.”




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