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Jimmy C’s True Rock & Roll Beast

Hey Phil,

Just a note of thanks for the Jr kit. I special ordered it with a the 60’s slim taper neck prior to your offering that option. You had no issues accommodating my request and the body and neck fit together perfectly. I’ve always wanted a ‘59 Jr but couldn’t afford the real thing.

The pic of my old school build after the super decked out LP on the banner page really shows the range of what can be done with the kits.

I did not do the actual build, it was done by a guy named Patrick Sims in Nashville who I would recommend with reservations. He is a nice guy, does great work and is reasonably priced but it took a long time to get it back and communication during the process was spotty. In the end, he did come through and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Here is a link to his site with a pic of the guitar under “solid customs” –

I’ve always wanted a vintage 50’s LP Jr but could not afford to pay 5k or more for one. With that in mind I was going for a ‘59 vibe. I did a bunch of research and specked out all of the hardware which includes:

1. Lollar dog ear P90
2. RS Guitarworks Pre-Wired Vintage Les Paul Jr. Harness with repro Luxe Bee capacitor (250k vol pot, 500k tone pot)
3. Gibson 59 Les Paul Junior Doublecut Historic Tortoise Pickguard
3. TonePros Kluson 3-on-a-rail Tuners
4. TonePros VTNA-N Standard Vintage Aluminum “50’s” Wraparound Bridge (nickel)
5. Gibson Truss Rod Cover – Blank
6. Black 50’s style LP Jr. jack plate from RS Guitarworks
7. Bell Knobs from Stew Mac
8. Strap Buttons from Stew Mac (installed on the horn)
10. bone nut – custom made by friend of Patrick
11. back plate – custom made by friend of Patrick (noticed you sell them now, very nice as I could not track one down to save my life and Patrick said a Gibson would not have fit in the cut on my guitar)
12. TKL 7824 case (still waiting on it)

The paint was TV Yellow nitro cell. It’s not too glossy and the grain shows through nicely. I did not want to go the reliced route but did want a vintage look which I think we accomplished.

Here are a few pics: