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Troy’s 59 Carved – Space Invader Come Down.

In hindsight one of the most difficult things was deciding on a color for the top. I had some ideas and did some experiments on maple planks before I even ordered the kit, but once it arrived and I actually got my hands on those bones I knew I had to do my absolute best to live up to the obvious quality. I was nervous because this was my first build and I’d never experimented with dye or stain before, but practicing on test pieces helped immensely, and I would definitely recommend that approach  to anyone trying this for the first time, including final finishing, which for me was Tru-oil. The so-called “plain” top started to reveal some interesting figures once a few layers of Tru-oil got on there, and I’m extremely happy with the final result. It sounds way better than it looks too . . .

Not quite sure where the idea for the headstock came from, but I knew I wanted something non-traditional. It’s a decal, but I’ll eventually go back and do a proper inlay of that same design. In the meantime it gets the point across . . . what can I say;  it’s a symbol for my generation . . . PS since it’s a Canadian guitar I used Robertson screws wherever I could