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John’s Queen Bee Sting…

Body, front – Wood figure highlighted in Black and sanded back – Amber base with Brown to Black fade dye (sprayed)
Body, back – Dark Mahogany dye, shellac basecoat, filled and sanded
– all colors Trans-tint alcohol based dye – 12+ coats clear lacquer

Neck – Mahogany stain, filled sanded, Tung Oil approx 12 coats
Headstock – Black Lacquer, laser engraved Bee Hieroglyph design approx. 3/64 deep filled with yellow water based artists acrylic, 10 coats clear lacquer

Percision’s drop-in pro wiring kit, Schaller locking tuners, Gotoh 510 bridge & tail, Fuelie Pro Mod pickups

Thanks Phil!…..I can’t wait to do another! …


and how did you do the laser cutting in the headstock

I did the design, which is of course egyptian hieroglyph for Queen Bee” engraved at – no shit – the Trophy House in Fargo North Dakota – built a jig so it would sit level in their laser engraver.

The yellow is water soluble artist’s acrylic dries really fast – does not react with lacquer so clearcoat right over it