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Our French Connection Yannick’s Beauty

Check out the aged and cracked clear coat on it. Beautiful work.

 “Hi Phil,

I just completed my ’59 replica based on your Jr. kit, thought I would share!
Thanks for a quality kit, the neck/body joint is really a great fit, very tight and snug, and the fretting job is outstanding, I do fretting myself and was prepared to refret it just in case, but man this really is nice work!
The project turned out great and the guitar sounds killer! Alive and resonant as they say, I guess it applies here… The Wolfetone pickup sure helps ;-)”


3 thoughts on “Our French Connection Yannick’s Beauty

  1. I was wondering if you could shoot me your e-mail address. I am in LOVE with your guitar. I’m hoping to order the JR shortly, and have a few questions. This will be my first build. Any help would be much obliged. Thanks, and Cheers!
    ps GREAT job on the guitar! Looks beautiful!

  2. Brad…glad you like it and you’re going to get one of your own built and out there.

    you can send me an email at


  3. how did you make the paint look like its 50 yrs old? Those cracks and aging? Looks awesome man ! good job

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