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Another Phil’s Natural and Naked (the guitar, not him)

This is a cool, cool guitar. As the headline says Natural and Naked. Not only is the mahogany we use fantastic tonewood,  but also just such a beautiful looking wood too. Here is one of our who-digs-the-wood-grain-like-we-do. Simply shows it off.


“A few pictures of the recently finished Junior. It doesn’t get much more basic than this…slab o’ wood, neck, and one pickup. She is built to JAM!
I really dug the grain, so I decided to just do a tung oil type finish…very happy with results. TonePros bridge, GREAT P90 from Mick Brierley, Tusq nut, and TonePros Kluson tuners. NO PICKGUARD…don’t want to cover up the grain.

Cheers, Phil”


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