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The Blue Ribbon Band’s Newest Guitar Part 1

Here is another guy making our 59 carved top guitar look simply excellent..
The first kit that I tackled was your 59 Chambered, Bound, and Flamed kit.  I actually wrapped this one up sometime around April.  I’ve used this guitar nearly exclusively all summer, as I’ve been on the road with the Blue Ribbon Band gigging all across Midwest, USA.  This thing is my pride and joy and I couldn’t possibly be happier with how it performs.  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of forty electric guitars and I’d put this one on the top of the pile.  If my house was burning down, I’d grab this thing right after the kid.  It really is my most prized possession.  Here is the list of components:
  • 59 PAF Duncan’s
  • Grover Machine Heads
  • Gibson Pots
  • Gibson Top Hat Knobs
  • Vintage Bumble Bee PIO Caps
  • Truss Rod Cover/Poker Chip from Hell Guitars Japan
  • Tusq Graphite Nut
  • Vintage Cloth Wiring
  • TuneOmatic Bridge
  • Bursted with Leather Dye
  • Finished with Tru Oil
  • Custom Headstock Inlay cut by Tulsah, Canada

Pictures of our 59 Carved Top Historic Kits all done up right..
He made it with this guitar:
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