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Peter’s Cherry Red Swedish Sunset

Good morning Phil.

As promised, here are some pictures on my Kit I bought end of  ast year.

The progress:

  •  I started to dye the body black, sanded it down to make the flames more visual.
  • I tinted the nitro cellulous lacquer with cherry red dye and shot 4-5 layers.
  • Clear coat nitro cellulous around 40 layers, sanded with 800 grit every 5th layer until the last layer which I wet sanded 800 grit, 1200 grit and finally 2000 grit.
  • Then I polished with Meguiars ULTIMATE COMPOUND and waxed it with Meguiars ULTIMATE LIQUID WAX


  •   Bridge and Tailpiece:  TonePros system 2Tuners:
  • Grover Roto-Grip Locking Rotomatics (502 Series)
  • Pickups: Dimarzio Transition (Steve Lukather new signature pickups
  • Nut: Gibson original bone
  • Plastics: Gibson original parts (Bellplate, Volume/tone knobs etc)
  • Electronics: RSG kit with CTS pots, RS Paper and Oil GuitarCap by Jensen, 3-way toggle switch Switchcraft.
  •  Dunlop Straplock system
  • Strings: SIT Power Wound 009-046

It took me some time to get the color as I wanted, in the beginning I dyed the body red but for some reason it turned into brown after a couple of days, think I sanded it down 2 times. This happened twice and therefor I decided to tint the Nitro and that turned out really good.

I like when the color is “sharp” and both the grain and color pops.

Give also Kevin my best regards and once again Thank you very much for top notch body and neck. It wouldn’t be possible to get so good end result without your craftsmanship!