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Jono from South Africa…Double Cut/ Double Rout

Jono has taken an old school approach to this guitar.

This is his words:

The idea is for this to be the live gig workhorse – something serious with good  components and a great sound (you cant beat P 90’s for that live tone!) but withoutthe silly price tag.

I put in a shot of the neck being set – because the angle is built into the neck (perfectly) we could actually set it in a stand! with no issues!

For the finish I put on a couple of coats of “indoor polywax sealer” with a cloth and I think it looks understated and quite pretty, the strangest thing is that I’ve had the guitar for a while now and I still cant tell what colour it is! The combination of the sealer and the wood makes it look different under different lighting conditions.

I swear its the same finish in all the photos (there might be one of the raw wood in there?), it looks like a different guitar in each shot! I’ve seen this sealer on other guitars never with this effect, I love that mine came out mysteriously special… Thanks for using rich beautiful wood!