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Stephen’s Two Wonderful Cents Worth..

Best DIY Guitar Kits

This is just a damn cool interpretation. Guys like Stephen make us look good.. Check this one out closely.


I just finished my ’59 Les Paul project and I couldn’t be happier.  The neck/body fit was perfect!

The guitar feels and plays great.  The fretwork was fantastic.

I went with a Gretsch-style orange on the maple top and head, rosewood stain on the body and neck.  The neck was finished with Tru-oil, and the body with a gloss nitro finish.  The pickups are GFS Retrotron Liverpools.  Lastly, I added a black/white/black pick guard.  I call it my “Gretsch-Paul.”

Excellent neck and body.  Hope to build another soon!
Stephen Beckner of The Nanker Phelge
Charleston, WV
He Made it from this kit:
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