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Tony’s Cherry SG Jr.

“Hey Phil,

Here are some photos of my recent build, your SG Jr. I am quite pleased with how the guitar fell together. The neck is lovely, straight and true, I have not had to adjust the neck at all. And the guitar is very light and reasonant. I’ve always loved the look of these guitars and the Heritage Cherry finish came out as I had hoped. She is a real screamer with the lollar P-90!

Thanks, Tony”


5 thoughts on “Tony’s Cherry SG Jr.

  1. Tony,

    Looks great!

    What was your finishing process / products?

  2. Thanks Gary e-mail me and I will give you the full recipe

  3. Great job, Tony. It looks amazing. Nice choice of pickup. 😉

  4. Gary Go to and use their ColorTone Products and TimberMate Filler

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