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Ric’s Two Black and Blue—Awesome!

“Hi Phil,

Thought I would send you pics of the finished product from your body/neck kits.  The second kit I bought (the blacktop), had obvious improvements over the first one (purchased a month earlier).  I really appreciate the fact that you are constantly improving the product. The Blacktop is simply a superb guitar, the fit of the neck was perfect, the routs were exact, and the neck/fretwork was perfect as well.  Not that the earlier one was a problem, I just had to massage the cavity covers a bit, and the truss rod access is a bit different.  Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”


1 thought on “Ric’s Two Black and Blue—Awesome!

  1. I did the finish work on these guitars. They were both made quite well. Very nice quality wood.

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