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You Gotta Check This One Out…

Anthony’s quilted maple beautiful. I just absolutely love the look of this! The quilted maple cap looks liquid, like it’s moving. Wow. Love it, great craftsmanship.

 “Hi Phil, I thought you would like to see the finished article. It sounds and plays like a dream, many thanks.

Pickups are Lollar Imperials with the bridge pickup being the high wind option.

Electrics are CTS 500k true vintage taper pots, Luxe bumblebee caps, switchcraft selector with braided wiring.

I’m hoping to capture a vintage bluesy tone in the neck and a sweet singing tone with a bit of scream at the bridge. The guitar is becoming an international affair with parts being sourced from all corners of the globe; the filthy swine at British Customs are having a field day.”




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  1. wow……I just ordered a quit top for myself and was wondering what colors you used

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