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Steve P’s Single Cut Quilted Maple Cap LP


Pure cool craftsmanship. This is a stunning guitar.

“Hi Phil…I am very happy with the way this build went.  You really got this thing right!
Excellent foundation for a one-off custom guitar.”

I asked Steve how he built this guitar.

“I started by gluing down a fine sheet of walnut burl and routing the binding channel. Then I enlarged the control cavity and made the tummy cut and the PRS like cut at the bout. then the body got a very light stain and many coats of lacquer.
The peg head has an ash burl veneer with lacquer, the rest of the neck is tung oiled only. I installed a General guitar gadgets booster circuit and used a .047 oil and paper type capacitor on the tone pot. The pick-up is a DiMarzio P-90 with a walnut cover homemade. The guitar has a nice feel and sounds good. Will probably build one of your LP kits next fall.

Thanks again, Steve”

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  1. How do you adjust the truss rod? at the heel ala Fender?

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