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Schluggo riding proud…”This guitar sounds like no other I own”

This is a fellow who lives in my neck of the woods. Great guy. So this is his first build… take a look at what an awesome instrument you can make.

Tims Lucky Mojo

This was my first build and I have learned a lot. I knew nothing about finishing and had lots of questions and apprehension. But now that I have the finished product in my hands I am very pleased. This guitar sounds like no other I own and I am discovering how much more I like it every day I play it, especially at rehearsals. My expectations were high and this guitar turned out just as I had hoped. After educating myself on guitar finishing I got busy and started experimenting with stain colour on scrap maple and mahogany that Phil gave me. I made lots of minor errors but eventually got what I was after.

Most importantly the neck and body fit together perfectly. The pre cut angle on the neck leaves no room for errors,so you cant screw this up. This was the easiest part of the build.

I then gave it a shot of vinyl sealer,sanded, then clear coats of nitro lacquer. I  waited the recommended 4 weeks before I sanded and polished. This was the hardest part of the build.

In the meantime I chose the gear I wanted and ordered the parts online.I ordered from a few different companies as I could not get everything I wanted at one company.

  • Sperzal locking tuners
  • Graph Tech nut
  • Seymour Duncan Alnico II neck
  • Seymour Duncan Alnico II  Slash model {a few extra windings } bridge
  • Tone pro bridge and tailpiece {supplied by Phil }
  • 500 k pots ,orange drop caps
  • Covers knobs and colour to my taste

It was very exciting to polish this baby up and see the work that I did pay off.

Assembly was for the most part easy. It just got better and better, I would stand back and marvel as I put the parts on one by one.

Time to do the nut and I blew it. I sanded too far in pursuit of the perfect action. The next one was easier and I got it just right. I set the bridge low and got no buzz as I checked up the neck. No adjustments needed on the truss rod.Could it be this easy I thought?  Oh ya intonation!   I checked the intonation and to my surprise it was right there.Wow I was done

Right away you could hear this guitar had tones like no other and as I used it exclusively for the next week at rehearsal ,it was hard to keep the shit eating grin off my face. My band mates are impressed with the quality and sound ,and that it is unique.

I will defiantly be looking forward to building another kit. I think it will be far easier as I have all the supplies and knowledge from the first.


This is what he bought:

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