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From Singapore With Love….

I love this…
Hi Phil,
I have been to Precision Guitar Kit site for some time and I have been wowed by the kits you made and the beautiful pieces of art that these owners have turned them into.
I see beautiful classic guitars made and I thought to myself, it’s time for something brutal, heavy and something metal.I wanted something simple and started off with the single pickup kit. 
The neck, first thing first, off to Kentucky, USA for the inlay job. The trident cross and scythe inlay is a tribute to the Swedish metal band, Dissection. And the Phoenix on the body symbolizes Behemoth from Poland.

1st week of August, this kit reached the Singapore waters and I began sanding from 150 – 400 grit. Next it is 4 coats of sealer followed by more sanding, primer and even more sanding to make sure my finish is going to as smooth as glass. Pardon me, it’s blasphemy to some but there should not be any sign of wood grain on this guitar.It’s time for paint and my first with custom made-in-a-can polyurethane aerosol paint . The “Behemoth Phoenix” is not a vinyl nor sticker. It was sprayed on with a custom template. 
On the other hand, the “poetic” verses on the back was made with a thin vinyl. Yes it was deliberate to make it hard to read. The purpose was to make it mysterious and draws the curiosity of anyone who wants to know what’s written on the “wall”. Once both artworks were done, it was clear coated with Spraymax 2k. Spraying with 2k products have its pros and cons. Unlike lacquer, you cant add layers of clear coat without first sanding it lightly but the good thing is it cures in about 5 days! I stick to my favourite parts for this project. I have been using Sperzel locking tuners, Schaller strap lock, Switchcraft jack and Earvana compensated nut for a while. They are reliable and easy to work with. Something new for me would probably be the Graphtech Resomax wraparound bridge. It’s an uber sexy bridge with the ability to adjust the saddles for better accuracy on the intonation. I have also slowly but surely getting all my guitars on Bare Knuckle pickups. This guitar is loaded with the Black Hawk humbucker which the Bare Knuckle guys define – the pickup which has all the power and clarity of an active, with all the tone and dynamics of a passive. Balls to the walls, if you were to ask! And last but not least, to keep things simple… I have not got any pot on the guitar if you look closely. The pickup is wired directly to the input jack. Less is more for me. Playing extreme metal, all I want is to plug in and play.*No electrical tool is used in the finishing of this guitar. All spraying, sanding and buffing are done by hand with spray cans, a sanding block wrapped with sand papers and lint free cloths respectively.
He made it with this guitar:
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Guydoun….Titanium Pickguard with Peter Green Tone

Gotta check this out. This guitar was built by one of our illustrious builders in Quebec. I was just chatting with him on the phone about it and he says “Guydoun” is french for a woman of easy virtue… Love it… That’s a damn good thing to hold in your hands for a hours at a time…

He’s done an amazing job with this. A set up to get the Peter Green Tone, the pick ups are intentionally set that way and then the burnishing of the pickup covers and the pickguard. Awesome.

The back is tung oil, he says he took it up to a 3000 grit. See I told you he was industrious.