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Steve P’s Single Cut Quilted Maple Cap LP

Pure cool craftsmanship. This is a stunning guitar.

“Hi Phil…I am very happy with the way this build went.  You really got this thing right!
Excellent foundation for a one-off custom guitar.”

I asked Steve how he built this guitar.

“I started by gluing down a fine sheet of walnut burl and routing the binding channel. Then I enlarged the control cavity and made the tummy cut and the PRS like cut at the bout. then the body got a very light stain and many coats of lacquer.
The peg head has an ash burl veneer with lacquer, the rest of the neck is tung oiled only. I installed a General guitar gadgets booster circuit and used a .047 oil and paper type capacitor on the tone pot. The pick-up is a DiMarzio P-90 with a walnut cover homemade. The guitar has a nice feel and sounds good. Will probably build one of your LP kits next fall.

Thanks again, Steve”

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Another Phil’s Natural and Naked (the guitar, not him)

This is a cool, cool guitar. As the headline says Natural and Naked. Not only is the mahogany we use fantastic tonewood,  but also just such a beautiful looking wood too. Here is one of our who-digs-the-wood-grain-like-we-do. Simply shows it off.


“A few pictures of the recently finished Junior. It doesn’t get much more basic than this…slab o’ wood, neck, and one pickup. She is built to JAM!
I really dug the grain, so I decided to just do a tung oil type finish…very happy with results. TonePros bridge, GREAT P90 from Mick Brierley, Tusq nut, and TonePros Kluson tuners. NO PICKGUARD…don’t want to cover up the grain.

Cheers, Phil”


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Our French Connection Yannick’s Beauty

Check out the aged and cracked clear coat on it. Beautiful work.

 “Hi Phil,

I just completed my ’59 replica based on your Jr. kit, thought I would share!
Thanks for a quality kit, the neck/body joint is really a great fit, very tight and snug, and the fretting job is outstanding, I do fretting myself and was prepared to refret it just in case, but man this really is nice work!
The project turned out great and the guitar sounds killer! Alive and resonant as they say, I guess it applies here… The Wolfetone pickup sure helps ;-)”


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BFiredude’s Awesome Build.

Just thought I’d send you pics of my finished guitar. The kit was purchased last year for Christmas. Finish it during last summer. Everything came out pretty well. It plays awesome.
Features: Custom Headstock Inlay by me. Engraved truss cover.  Sperzel Trim Lok tunning machines, Tone Pro’s locking bridge and tailpiece, Jimmy Page style electronics and Seymour Duncans P-59 pickups. The finish is Nitrocellulose lacquer.

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Eddie’s LP Standard

This is our LP kit, with a simple beautiful finish. The  plain maple cap wood grain shows up so nicely on this.  Here is what Eddie as said about our kits.

“Thanks for a awsome kit. it plays better than my $%$#@ guitar.

Great fret work. waiting for a prs style kit now. I used trans tint amber and cherry and mixed them till i got what i wanted it went on darker than i wanted so i took clean wet towels and rubbed it down till i got the color i was looking for.i kept the neck and back natural and the maple on the side is like binding like on a prs.

Thanks again


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Jono from South Africa…Double Cut/ Double Rout

Jono has taken an old school approach to this guitar.

This is his words:

The idea is for this to be the live gig workhorse – something serious with good  components and a great sound (you cant beat P 90’s for that live tone!) but withoutthe silly price tag.

I put in a shot of the neck being set – because the angle is built into the neck (perfectly) we could actually set it in a stand! with no issues!

For the finish I put on a couple of coats of “indoor polywax sealer” with a cloth and I think it looks understated and quite pretty, the strangest thing is that I’ve had the guitar for a while now and I still cant tell what colour it is! The combination of the sealer and the wood makes it look different under different lighting conditions.

I swear its the same finish in all the photos (there might be one of the raw wood in there?), it looks like a different guitar in each shot! I’ve seen this sealer on other guitars never with this effect, I love that mine came out mysteriously special… Thanks for using rich beautiful wood!



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Les Whatever’s Les Paul Custom Build…and some kind words.

This is one of our Australian Customers. We made him a custom kit, flame maple cap, neck and body binding and trap inlays. He has done a fantastic job with it. The grain of the flame maple cap just pops out. This is what he sent along to us.

 I have finally finished the LP kit i bought from you. I have to say one final thank you. It was so easy to make this guitar because everything was made so well before it even hit my hands. It took almost no setup at all as the neck fit like a glove.

I have played it for a couple of weeks and it is definitely my favorite guitar now. It just sounds massive, plays silky smooth and it truly is a joy to play.





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Custom Line Of Hampton Guitars

We work with a number of guys that are building their own line of guitar. Reid Hampton is one of those. He had an idea for a guitar line that he has always wanted to build and approached us and we were able to work in the flesh what his vision was in his head.

This is the initial result of our working together.

How To Paint A Guitar
Hampton Guitars New Models
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Gavin Downie, Guitar Tech from New Zealand And His Guitars

This is piece of writing from Gavin Downie, one of our great customers. He had sent along the pic below a while back that showed all of his guitars hanging on a wall, including our LP Jr. ( see the lil red beauty right in the middle ) I sent him a quick email back and asked about the guitars, any stories behind them. I think it is cool the stories that come out.  I am interested in stuff like that.

This is  the pic that started it all…and what I got back from him about guitars. Gavin works with a lot of touring acts, in the land of the All Blacks….. Notice Mr. Gibbons in the pic at the bottom.

Love it.. Guitar AreGREAT!!

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Erik Hansen’s SG Jr. Build

White SG Jr Guitar

Erik wrote to me a while back telling me about a guitar that he had years ago that he wished he had kept. It was an SG Jr., cherry stained. He wanted that guitar but updated and this time in a beautiful rich white.  so he bought a kit from us and went about building a legend. He documented the process.

And apparently the Lollar pick ups are fantastic.

This is a great read on how to make one of our kits.

Take a read. here’s a link to Erik’s build blog.